E-waste Fremont

How to Deal With Your Company’s E-Waste in Fremont:

– If you’re like a lot of other company execs in the Fremont area, your company’s e-waste is most likely piling up in an empty store room, a warehouse or around your building. Perhaps you’ve been put in charge of ensuring that it’s disposed of responsibly- and affordably. Thanks to Excess Logic, you can tell those at higher-up positions you’ve taken care of the matter and kept your company under budget. Excess Logic will pick up all of your company’s e-waste in Fremont at no cost to you- that’s right, it’s 100% free when you call them at 650-307-7553.

– Unfortunately, only about 13% of e-waste in Fremont is disposed of appropriately- and that follows suit for most other areas around the country. You can do your part without costing your business a single penny by calling Excess Logic and scheduling a free pickup of your e-waste. They’ll come and pick up laptops, computers, electronics, e-waste, lab equipment, biotech equipment, research equipment, semiconductor equipment, test machinery and much more, all you have to do is pick up the phone can cell them to get on their schedule.

– If you’re in the Fremont, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Mountain View or any surrounding location, Excess Logic considers you to be local and as such, will provide this free service to your company. In some cases, Excess Logic can turn your e-waste into a source of revenue in the event that it hasn’t outlived its usefulness. Excess Logic remarkers equipment for numerous companies in the Fremont area, sharing profits and turning e-waste into a win-win situation for you and for their service.

– Excess Logic’s experts know you’re concerned with the security of your company’s information, which is why they offer guaranteed safe and secure disposal of all sensitive data, adhering to the strict compliance with the DOD standards. As an agency that is dedicated to providing affordable solutions to local companies, Excess Logic is licensed and in full compliance with all Federal and State computer and e-waste regulations, so you can make the call with complete confidence that you’re making the right decision.

– No other e-waste service in Fremont is able to provide the hassle-free, free service Excess Logic does. Feel free to check out their website where you’ll find a complete list of their services, including Surplus Equipment Management, Equipment Remarketing, and Disposal of E-Waste in Fremont and it surrounds. Fill out the online connect form to receive a prompt reply to your questions, or for immediate solutions, call Excess Logic at 650-307-7553. Do your part in keeping the environment clean while Excess Logic does their part and enjoy a cleaner planet for future generations to live in. Click on the website’s ‘Services’ link to learn more about how Excess Logic can streamline the process of disposing of your e-waste at no cost to you. You’ll be glad you made the call!

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E-waste Fremont

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